10 Remote Work Thought Leaders to Follow on Social Media


Remote work and development of remote teams is new to many within HR, meaning you may not yet be in tune with a side of workforce management that has been developing rapidly in recent years.

As you look to learn from your social networks, following thought leaders who have been tackling issues around remote work is a good way to better understand how to approach the remote workforce and what you can do to ensure employees stay connected with the company culture.

Here are 10 such thought leaders whose social media activity provides insight into how we can all be the best version of ourselves in a remote environment.

  1. Darren Murph– Head of Remote Gitlab

As a 100% remote company, Gitlab is a leader in creating global remote teams. Murph, known as one of the world’s most prolific bloggers, took over as the company’s Head of Remote in 2019 with a mission to focus on culture, process, hiring, and employer branding among other things. He’s also tasked with making sure Gitlab employees embrace remote workflows. Follow him on Twitter as well.

  1. Heather Doshay – Vice President of Webflow, People

A remote work enthusiast, Doshay regularly authors articles on the topic of remote work. Her focus in helping companies succeed through the people who work for them. She regularly writes articles for LinkedIn regarding her role as a people officer and can be found on Twitter as well.

  1. Hailey Griffis – Head of Public Relations Buffer

Host of the podcast MakeWorkWork, Griffis is a remote work advocate who produces a report each year titled “State of Remote Work.” She often shares valuable insights into what organizations are doing to make the workplace better on her Twitter as well.

  1. Rudolphe Dutel – Founder of Remotive

Following stops at Buffer and Google, Dutel founded Remotive, a company focused on helping tech companies adopt remote work. He regularly tweets about issues in remote work and has given a number of talks on the subject as well.

  1. Job van der Vort – Co-Founder and CEO of Remote

Host of the Remote Work podcast, van der Vort was formerly at Gitlab, leaving to dedicate his time to help empower remote employees and companies looking to take their workforce remote. He regularly tweets about issues around remote work as well.

  1. Trina Hoefling – Author and Change Agent at Smart Workplace

Hoefling’s book Working Virtually – Transforming the Mobile Workplace was written with leaders in mind, regardless of what stage they’re in of developing remote teams. She regularly offers advice, insight and opinion through both her Twitter and blog titled “Trina’s SMART Workplace.”

  1. Pilar Orti – Director at Virtual, not Distant

Not looking to take a team 100% remote, but want to provide the option? Through her work Virtual, not Distant, Orti focuses on helping organizations become “office optional,” through webinars and coaching sessions that focus on processes and habits that will help support the shift. You can follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  1. Marie Prokopets – Co-Founder of FYI

FYI is an entirely remote company, something that Prokopets regularly writes about. FYI published the Remote Work Report and Prokopets herself frequently writes articles around remote work.

  1. Laurel Farrer – Remote Work Expert and Strategist

A staunch advocate of remote work, Farrer is now the CEO of Distribute Consulting. Her blog offers a plethora of resources for anyone looking to learn more about remote work and how to go about facilitating it. She’s also active on Twitter.

  1. Chris Herd – CEO of First Base

Touting itself as the physical operating system for remote employees, First Base specializes in helping companies supply all the things their remote employees will physically need to succeed. Herd is a big remote work advocate and often shares content around the topic. If you like a good Twitter thread, be sure to read the one below from the start of the year.

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