Converting Candidates to Hire with Video Job Ads

Talent Acquisition

As a talent acquisition and human resources professional, you are looking to prove your return on investment to your organization’s leadership. When you spend on recruitment advertising, you need results. Dollars must equal new hires. The lower the cost per hire, the happier everyone is, including your CFO.  Not to mention, the higher the head count, the smoother your organization will function. 

In order to locate quality candidates and effectively convert the best applicants to great hires, it’s not enough to list responsibilities and qualifications. It’s also not enough to list any type of role and any type of site and expect results. You have to sell!  Especially with today’s unemployment rates, increased competition and messaging, your opportunity has to be different and better.

Digital Marketing for Recruiters

Quality candidates must be able to find you and if you are not in the right place at the right time with the right message, your competitor will find the applicant first! Talent acquisition professionals don’t just work harder. To be successful, they must work smarter and become digital marketers at their core.

When recruiting, HR and staffing professionals plan a series of actions with carefully chosen online marketing channels in order to achieve a lower cost per hire, this is a digital marketing strategy. Online marketing channels can be paid, earned and owned media.

Digital recruitment leverages technology like job boards, career websites, online assessments, social media and mobile devices to source, attract, assess and hire top talent for job openings.

Why Video Job Ads for Digital Marketing Recruitment

Video is better than text alone. Period. Video is entertaining, engaging, and easier to digest. It show-and-tells, versus only telling a story. Online video is accessible globally. It is also easier to consume on a mobile device that fits in your pocket, filling the screen with visuals along with sound and moving text.  Did you know the average candidate learns 60% more when you communicate your job in video?!

Video also makes your job advertisement personal. It is authentic. Video builds employer branding, trust, a personal connection, and offers audiences casual, “behind the scenes” updates.

Companies like St. Joe Hospitality, Demos’ Restaurants, USG Corporation, Prudential and Genpact are using video job ads to promote their job openings.


Boosting Social Media Posts for Video Job Ads

Video creates authenticity while social media can build trust.  Combine those two elements and you get deeper, bigger talent pools!  Depending on the size of your organization and the amount of time your marketing department spends on social media, you may or may not have a large social following. Your personal social media account can be the same way. Depending on how much time you spend building an audience and sharing content, you may or may not have many followers.

If you are the later, meaning your audience is not very big, that doesn’t mean social media isn’t a great tool for recruiting. You can post your job opportunities and give it a “boost.” In other words, you can pay a little extra to expand your reach. How much you spend is up to you and your budget. However, to get a large reach, you don’t need to spend a lot. The better way to have an effective social boost is by promoting a short, engaging video to a niche target market. Choose the right message to go to the right people. If your message is on-point, the candidates will share it for you!

Craigslist and Video Job Ads

Craigslist can be a cost-effective tool to post a job opportunity. You can reach specific metro areas and classify them to specific areas of work such as accounting, admin, biotech, customer service, general labor, government, human resources, legal, and much more. Adding a video to a Craigslist job posting and linking the video to your career site draws in candidates to your opportunity. It will also bring in residual interest, or in other words, candidates will look through your career site for other opportunities. Craigslist is a great way to bring exposure to your employer brand and immediate hiring needs. Plus, because Craiglist is so geo-specific and video friendly, it helps with SEO too! 

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Leveraging SEO with Video Job Ads for Your Digital Marketing Recruitment Strategy

70 percent of job searches start on Google. That statistic alone is huge. So, what keywords are your candidates using in their job search and how are your job postings ranking?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving your website’s pages so that they rise-up in search results for specific keywords and phrases. When it comes to recruiting top talent, you can focus your efforts on optimizing searches for related employment in your industry.

There are many ways to boost SEO rankings. One major way is by adding a video to the page or job requisition. Google gives preference to sites that contain video content. What does that mean? If your career site contains video, it will be given preference over a career site that is text alone. With the right meta-tags behind your video content, you will boost your results. 

Another reason that video is so important to boosting SEO is a job seeker is engaging with your page. He or she will stay longer and click on the page, which is a way to battle “bounce rates.” The last thing you want is a lot of views and then potential candidates leaving without applying. You want job seekers to engage with you, the role, and your employer brand.

Lastly, video is considered highly shareable content. When job seekers are engaging and sharing your content to his or her network, this also helps to boost SEO rankings as you are drawing in more clicks to your page.

Track Your Results with Video Job Ads

It is not enough just to produce and promote a video job ad for your career opportunities. For success, you’ll need to track your results by source. Where, when and how are you getting views along with where, when and how are you getting applies? The right technology partner can help you with that.

If you are looking to attract better quality candidates in a time of digital transformation, think video job ads for digital marketing recruitment. Video job ads are a cost-effective solution for attracting top talent on social media and mobile devices while also helping to boost SEO for your career site. Video job ads have proven to help recruitment professionals improve their ROI and reduce cost per hire. Start thinking about how you can transform your text postings to video today.

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