10 Tweets That Show the Truth About the Return to Work


Employees who work for companies who are sending them back to work have mixed feelings about a return to office. Many discovered that they were able to work effectively from home and don’t miss things like commutes or having to ditch the workspaces they’ve created for themselves over the last year in favor of a cubicle.

While some value the social aspect of returning to a physical workplace, others have anxiety about it and it’s something that HR teams are going to have to consider carefully when examining their return to work policies. In the end, the best thing HR can do is engage employees around what they want and devise solutions that prioritize flexibility over a return to status quo.

Many have taken to Twitter to vent what they feel about the return to work. Here are 10 tweets that say just about all you need to know.

1. The data might not be pretty when people come back

2. Thank you for not listening

3. What do they want vs what do you think is best?

4. A rare opportunity

5. Just say no to the commute

6. Is mental health still a concern?

7. This lonely office

8. Flexibility = productivity

9. The culture test

10. Put simply


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