6 Articles Every HR Pro Should Read from Q2


We know you’re busy and keeping up with all the HR news over the course of a week or month can get lost in the shuffle as you balance work and life.

The challenges of 2021 persist and HR departments across the world continue to have a lot on their plate, so to help you get straight to the best content for HR professionals over the last few months, we’ve handpicked 6 pieces of content from Q2 that every HR professional should read.

The Future of Shared Services: Virtual, Global, Connected

Like everything else in HR, shared services is going through a transformation of its own over the last year. How partners work together and what services they provide are changing, not to mention how they provide them. This article from our friends over at the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network outlines the evolution of shared services as well as the workplace and how shared services firms need to prep for what comes next. 

Three Cybersecurity Roles Today’s Enterprises Need

Cybersecurity is a constant concern for organization’s today and it can take a whole team of people dedicated to it to ensure information remains safe and out of the wrong hands. But knowing who needs to be on these teams can be a challenge for HR people who aren’t necessarily well versed in cybersecurity trends and lingo. The good folks over at CS Hub outline three cybersecurity positions every organization needs.

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The Increasingly Important Role of Process in Health and Safety

Health and safety has, unsurprisingly, become a central concern for all organizations over the last year as employee safety in relation to COVID-19 was uncertain at best and terrifying at its worst. From protocols to quarantines, health and safety has become complex and managing it now requires a process driven view. Our friends at the Process Excellence Network took a closer look at how process examination can drive positive results from a health and safety compliance point of view.

Digital Transformation Accelerated: Inside IKEA’s Digital Transformation

Being HR Tech week, we can’t help but take notice of some digital transformation content and who doesn’t love a good old fashioned case study? The Intelligent Automation Network dove into the case of IKEA and how the company has been transforming its business for a digital age. Sure, it’s more customer focused than employee focused, but if recent history has taught us anything, it’s that your employee experience strategy can learn a lot from your customer experience successes.

Employee Wellbeing: HR’s Guide to an Engaged and Adaptive Workforce

The last year has served as a sort of kickoff to the wellbeing era. Never before has employee wellbeing so vital to business success or such a focal point for leaders to consider. For some, it came natural and was served by initiatives and policies they already had in place. For others, it was a significant challenge that required new ways of thinking. Either way, employee wellbeing will continue to be a focus for HR going forward and how it evolves is largely up to people leaders within your organization. We put this guide together to take a deeper look at what comprises wellbeing and where HR needs to go from here.

5 Data Architecture Trends Shaping 2021

It might seem a bit more tech than the average HR person is typically focused on, but one thing is for sure, HR professionals are finding themselves looking at a lot more data than they used to. Knowing how that data is collected, cleaned, stored and analyzed is useful in understanding its capabilities and purposes. With that in mind, the AI, Data & Analytics Network broke down some important trends unfolding in 2021 recently.

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