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Since the start of the pandemic, Human Resources departments have taken on many jobs, some of which you probably never imagined doing. The pace of change has picked up. In many ways, the future of work has already begun. As a result, you should take stock of new job titles and roles that are on the horizon. Some of them might already be positions at your organization. Or maybe you’re thinking of hiring for them. In any case, you should get used to hiring someone (or being someone) who will wear one of these hats:

Head of the Future of Work

Forbes recently suggested that this is going to be in a hot job because companies are scrambling to figure out how to improve remote and hybrid work, navigate the politics of vaccine and mask mandates while protecting employees, focus on employee engagement during a labor shortage, and learn how to tend to employee’s mental health and wellness. LinkedIn, in the 2022 Global Talent Trends Report, found a 60% increase in job titles related to the future of work, and a 304% increase in job titles related to hybrid work. Some of those include Hybrid Workplace Flexibility Lead, Director of Hybrid Working, and Flexible Workspace Operations Manager.

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These titles speak to a greater trend in the workplace. More than 70% of workers depend on their employer for support in preparing for the future of work, according to research and as reported by Harvard Business Review. This sense of urgency about remaining relevant in the future and the fact that businesses have become reliant on HR have made the field’s leaders vital to organizations.

“CHROs now have the same opportunities to become central C-suite players,” according to HBR. “We believe this is HR’s moment to lead organizations in navigating the future. They have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to provide workers with guidance on the skills and capabilities they will need to be successful over the next decade as new roles continue to emerge.”

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Work from Home Facilitator

In addition, HBR listed 21 different job titles that they expect to be included in HR departments within the next decade. Some of them are already popping up or will appear in the near future. For example, Walmart, IBM, and Novartis are among companies that already have a head of employee experience. 

Employee engagement remains a chief concern as employers try to win over recruits and retain current workers. In HR Exchange Network’s latest State of HR report, 30% of HR leaders surveyed said employee engagement and experience was their top priority. Flexible work culture and hybrid workplaces were the second and third priorities with 14% and 12% of the votes respectively.

Those areas of concern are directly related to one of the newer anticipated job titles, Work from Home Facilitator. This HR leader will help employees engage and remain productive even if they don’t have a shared office space. They will effectively use technology to help people connect with one another. For this position, you will have to get creative about bringing together virtual teams.  

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Director of Wellbeing

Respondents to the State of HR survey said that burnout was the greatest consequence of the pandemic. With the additional stresses brought on by the pandemic, things have only gotten worse. Employees are looking to HR leaders for more and more support when it comes to both their physical and emotional health. It’s not just about benefits like medical insurance either.

This new role would be one in which directors of wellbeing lead their company in efforts to help people avoid burnout. They might make mental health help accessible or provide the team with exercises designed to relieve stress. They could organize coordinated vacations, so the whole company shuts down at the same time or put limits on when managers can call workers.

“I would say that by taking positive actions regarding health and well-being, companies are putting people first,” Carine Rolland, Head of People and Culture in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East at ManpowerGroup, recently told HR Exchange Network. “It’s all about people at the end of the day. It’s an investment that is likely to result in employee loyalty, raise engagement, and enhance productivity on a longer-term basis.”

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More Jobs to Come

Some of the job titles for which you’ll be hiring are unimaginable right now. One that comes to mind has to do with being a liaison between artificial intelligence and the humans on your team. Other titles mentioned by HBR are Distraction Prevention Coach and Head of Business Behavior. You might already have a Diversity and Inclusion Manager or a Head of Innovation.

To remain relevant, you will have to understand data analytics and how it applies to talent management. They must engage employees who might live in different geographies and time zones and only meet virtually. One of their big tasks will be to tend to the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of their hires. Like everyone else, they will have to figure out and accept more automation and advanced technology solutions to determine which works best for them.  

Whether you’re hiring for these specific job titles or not, much of the work you’re already doing probably includes these job descriptions. The future of work is top of mind for HR leaders like you. After all, the pandemic put the future on the fast track. Frankly, there’s no turning back now.   

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