Talent Acquisition: Best Advice from HR Experts

Talent Acquisition

HR Exchange Network’s Recruiting and Talent Acquisition online event was an opportunity to shine a light on the intense talent wars that HR leaders are facing. Industry experts shared advice about how to attract top talent, onboard them successfully, get them to stay, and then get them to serve as employer brand ambassadors.  

Audience members had the chance to ask questions and probe deeper about how to navigate these new, choppy waters. A historic labor shortage and unprecedented numbers of Americans quitting their jobs made the conversation relevant and timely. If you missed any of the sessions live, now is your chance to check them out on-demand:

Turning Talent Acquisition on Its Head

In the event’s first session, Ky Cunningham, Director of Corporate Recruiting at U.S. Xpress, offered bold examples of how HR leaders can transform the hiring process.

“Our objective is to go above and beyond for the candidate experience,” said Cunningham.

For example, recruiters at her company coach job applicants as they interview them. They might even help them edit their resume. Cunningham also spoke about how her team recognized the flaws in their onboarding process and sought to make big changes to it. They are utilizing campus recruiting, lunch-and-learns with students, and an internship partnership with local high schools to create a talent pipeline for the future.

WATCH: Actionable Practice in Engaging the Right Employee at U.S. Xpress

Getting Real about the New Normal

Katrina Collier, author, mentor, and facilitator of Katrina Collier Limited, didn’t mince words as she explained how to create an employer brand that helps you attract top talent. She stressed the human connection and the need to “end collaboration chaos.” In other words, Collier is aiming to help hiring managers, recruiters, and HR leaders work in harmony.

She reminded people of their great influence to make the point that HR is now a key player in determining the success of a business.   

“You play with people’s lives and the future of the company,” said Collier.

Collier’s main message is to respect job candidates and the process of hiring people. She wants HR to understand its power and use it wisely.  

WATCH: Gaining the Attention of People with In-Demand Skills

Going Global

In the third session of Day One, audience members focused on how remote work has changed the landscape of hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement. Diane Albano, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at Globalization Partners, talked about the fact that 31% of workers will be remote in 2022.

She encouraged HR leaders to see the rise in remote and hybrid work as an opportunity to set a new course. Albano, who manages a remote global team, spoke about her firsthand experiences and offered tips on creating a healthy work culture and successful onboarding program. She shared that she, as a veteran at her company, is a buddy to a new hire, for example.

“A people-first approach is the way forward,” said Albano.

Albano’s key point was around the idea that employers should create many touchpoints and lots of opportunities for communication to ensure remote and hybrid employees feel connected.

WATCH: Retention in the Age of Global Remote Work

Focus on Feelings

Rhonda Hall, Vice President of HR and Organizational Development at University Federal Credit Union, provided insight on her company’s approach to talent acquisition during these uncertain times. She emphasized placing a priority on being human.

“We work diligently to ensure our candidates first understand what we feel up front,” said Hall.

One of the inventive ways Hall’s team has revamped the hiring process is by personalizing the experience. For example, she talked about emphasizing benefits that were the most important to an individual. An applicant who mentioned having to move and buy a new home in the area was concerned about the cost of living, so Hall’s team brought up the 1% discount on mortgages that employees earn, for example.

As more companies seek to aid employees with health and wellness, Hall’s team is promoting their zen rooms, which include virtual reality headsets designed for stress reduction. Hall’s main message is to “keep rolling balls rolling,” but she offered creative solutions to some of HR’s biggest problems.

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Transforming Talent Acquisition

If you want to learn how to treat employees like customers, then you don’t want to miss the presentation from Saleem Khaja, COO and Co-Founder of WorkLLama. He talked about the changing role of talent acquisition and how to shift your mindset. Khaja wants HR to think like marketers. It’s all about employer brand and turning employees into satisfied customers, who sing your praises to potential job applicants.

“Marketing becomes an extremely critical function in talent acquisition if you’re trying to move from being transactional to transformational,” said Khaja.

WATCH: Elevating Talent Acquisition: From Transactional to Transformational

Embracing the New Normal

The final session of the Recruiting and Talent Acquisition event featured a chat with Sebastien Girard, Chief People Officer, at Centura Health. This talk was all about having heart and remembering the “human” in Human Resources. Girard talked about having one-on-one conversations with employees to learn exactly what they need and to respond accordingly. He shared examples from his organization, including one in which the company raised money to help employees who lost everything in recent wildfires.

Most importantly, he expressed recognition that HR is in a time of dramatic and rapid change, and those who choose to resist will be left behind. The transformation begins with job applicants.

“We changed our mindset from, ‘It’s an honor for you to work for Centura,’ to ‘It’s an honor for us to partner with you,'” says Girard.

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Together, the sessions provided a guide on how to approach the challenges in recruitment, talent acquisition, and employee engagement and experience. Watch HR Exchange Network’s Recruiting and Talent Acquisition event to discover tips that you can immediately apply to your organization in your quest to win the talent wars.

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