Is Your HR Team Ready for the Future of Work?


Is Your HR Team Ready for the Future of Work?  

HR Exchange Network’s 4th Annual HR and Future of Work online event is more relevant than ever. After all, the pandemic put the future of work on the fast-track. With this year’s keynote speaker, Preeti Singh, Global HR Lead, Content & Advertising Business Unit at Spotify, the event will kick off a frank discussion about the transformation taking place in Human Resources and what it means for CHROs and other HR leaders moving forward.  

Highlights of HR and Future of Work 

Singh will cover how Spotify is using a “people strategy roadmap” as part of its employee-first approach. In addition, Singh plans to talk about the company’s Work from Anywhere initiative and how Verification of Employment (VoE) works under those circumstances. The audience also will learn about Spotify’s plans to drive innovation in the future of work.  

Clearly, HR leaders are at the doorstep of the future, and most are already ringing the doorbell to get in. Putting the human back into Human Resources is becoming more of a priority.   

“People worked from home and realized there are other priorities than working 9 to 5,” says Liz Killen-Scott, Vice President of Workforce Transformation at Ent Credit Union in Colorado and a speaker at the event. “This is a huge challenge and opportunity for HR, too. Now is the time to figure out our Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Let’s get all heads and hands on deck and figure this out. Every single business is based on people. If you dig into operational costs – depending on the business and business model – many companies are spending anywhere from 60% to 80% of their operating income on people. So, why not invest in getting those people right?”  

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A Shift in Mindset in HR 

In fact, HR is becoming more talent-centric and this new approach is driving transformational change across the board. Those who register for the free online event will recognize the theme of embracing change and making it work for organizations.  

The feel of the workplace is undergoing a drastic reconstruction. Aside from physically moving from bricks-and-mortar buildings to hybrid and remote workplaces, people within an organization are getting in touch with their feelings. 

Killen-Scott will be talking about enhancing empathy and creating a sense of belonging. Maria Leggett, Director of Talent and Professional Development at MHI Trade Association, plans to discuss how leaders can create people managers who embrace conflict, empathy, and performance metrics.  

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Drawing out soft skills has taken on greater importance as businesses try to win the intense talent war brought on by the Great Resignation and the labor shortage. One way to relate to workers is to recognize their differences. Mary Shelley, Chief People Officer at Tango Card, will address the differences between Millennials and Generation Z employees in the workplace.  

Putting a Spotlight on Talent 

Underlying any discussion about the future of work are the processes for recruitment and retention. Mike Kaupe, Global Director of Sales Engineering at HiBob, will talk about the types of companies at risk for employee turnover and the expectations of remote and hybrid workers. Steve Brink, President and Chief Revenue Officer at uFlex Reward, will share the skills needed for the jobs of the future and will demonstrate how technology creates a platform to launch your organization forward.  

HR leaders are thinking about the employee journey and what it means to people to feel part of something greater than themselves. Bernadette Palumbo, SVP of Human Resources North America at Sonepar, will discuss employee pathways, how to create a development pathway for middle management, and whether this initiative leads to improved retention. A panel, including Andrew Saidy, Vice President of Global Talent at Ubisoft, Lorraine Vargas Townsend, Chief People Officer at ESO, and Jennifer Curtis, Director of Employer Branding and Early Career Recruitment at Schneider Electric, will focus on how to devise a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  

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A New Look for HR 

Of course, the future is going to look different. Shradha Prakash, Vice President of Future of Work in Org Design at Prudential Financial, will talk about the challenges to organizational design and redesigning work to create employee wellbeing. Erik Hille, Solutions Marketing Director at Nintex, will help people effectively return to work while using process automation to make things run efficiently.  

Teresa Smith, Senior Managing Partner at HCM Advisory Group, will outline strategies for applying big data to achieve positive business outcomes. Diane Albano, Chief Revenue Officer at Globalization Partners, will cover how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are changing the workplace. And Vatsala Syed, People Analytics Manager at Wawa, Inc., will describe how to use people analytics as a strategy tool.  

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HR Leaders Get a Seat at the Table 

This event comes as the world is recognizing the reliance companies have on their HR department. The pandemic put into focus the importance of the people, who are chosen to carry out business. Talent is truly currency for successful organizations. Another aspect of the future of work is the position and role of HR leaders within organizations.   

C-suite executives are turning to CHROs and vice presidents in HR to help them navigate the world of hybrid work, win the talent war caused by the Great Resignation and ensuing labor shortage, improve commitment and action on social justice and sustainability, do something about the mental health and wellness dearth most companies experienced before the pandemic, ensure inclusion of a diverse workforce, and make sure everyone is having a good time while achieving results. It’s a tall order, but the future is right around the corner.  

Don’t miss the HR and Future of Work online event, which will feature expert advice and research that will help you leap into the next chapter of Human Resources. Register for free here.   

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