9 Hot Topics in Employee Engagement in Asia-Pacific


Employee engagement and experience are taking on added significance in the new world of work. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation and advances in technology while revealing the need for humanizing work. Taking a people-first approach, in fact, is vital to an organization’s success. Indeed, the potential disconnect among employers and employees and teams was one of the biggest concerns when companies shifted to remote work practically overnight. 

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Making engagement a focus requires a change in mindset and strategy. Recognizing trends and learning best practices from those, who are experimenting and drawing conclusions based on firsthand experience, is essential. 

At the Employee Engagement and Experience APAC online event, speakers from Standard Chartered Bank, Bupa, Commonwealth Bank, Medical Care Asia-Pacific, and more will provide case studies, advice, and solutions to employee engagement challenges. Here are specific highlights to anticipate: 

Melting the Iceberg

Shereen Williams, Director of People and Culture Technology and Innovation at Standard Chartered Bank, plans to further explain the “Iceberg of Ignorance,” and how high-level executives might not really know the pain points of employees. Her session promises to help people become more transparent and focused on transformation of relationships. 

WATCH: What Is Your Iceberg Hiding? 

Mobilising Talent

The new world of work requires unlocking the hidden talents of employees and helping them upskill to stay on the cutting edge. Chris Broadway, Technology Sales Manager at PeopleScout, will talk about how to develop a future-ready talent pool. 

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Being VUCA Ready

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) have come to define the times in which HR professionals are leading. As a result, Meiyea Neo, APAC HR Senior Director, Wendy Johnstone, APAC Chief Operating Officer, and Parry Wang, Senior Customer Success Executive, at Zendesk are going to share best practices for preparing talent for uncertainty with a digital-first approach. Expect to learn about HR tech, too. 

WATCH: Equip HR Teams for Success with a Digital-First Approach

Helping Employees Fit In

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging have become pivotal in devising strong, competitive teams. While many organisations have managed to hire people from varied backgrounds, they are still working toward making people feel as though they are valued. Gayatheri Silvakumer, Chief HR & Talent Officer APAC at McCann Worldgroup, will offer tips on creating a culture of inclusion in this post-pandemic era. 

WATCH: The Catalyst of Conscious Inclusion for Employee Experience

Improving Communication

In the past, employees walked into companies and simply had to conform to the ways of the employer. Nowadays, HR is building bridges to help employees have a say in the workplace culture and how the organisation runs. Sharenya S. Kumar, General Manager Employee Experience at Crown Resorts, will discuss co-designing the employee experience. In other words, get advice on how to talk to workers to find out what they need and be able to take action. 

WATCH: Humanizing Work and the Roles of Leaders in Delivering Exceptional Employee Experiences

Staying Connected

An emerging theme in Human Resources today is connecting people across geographies, time zones, and differences. Remote and hybrid work have made this aim more complex than ever. So, Trupti Mohan, VP Human Resources at Freesenius Medical Care Asia-Pacific, will help viewers understand how digital transformation mandates the need for humanization and a emphasis on employee wellbeing. 

WATCH: Reaching the Balance Between Soft and Hard Transformation Whilst Understanding What Matters to Employees

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to software that integrates the operation of core departments. Discover how operational, cloud-based ERP systems can help inform decision making in a session by Nao Anthony, Senior Manager Operational Excellence at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Frederik Skyggebjerg, Head of Solution Consulting APAC at Unit4. 

WATCH: How Cloud-Based ERP and HCM Can Enhance Efficiency of Organizations Whilst Increasing Employee Experience and Engagement

Setting the Tone

Employee experience begins when people apply for the job. Ensuring a positive experience from the start with onboarding that is effective for remote and in-person workers is necessary to ensuring a positive workplace. Join Graeme Poules, People Director Employee Experience and Operations at Bupa, to learn more about how to create improved employee value proposition (EVP). 

WATCH: Digital Workforce Engagement Strategies from Onboarding to Retaining and Engaging Employees

Transforming Culture

HR leaders are redefining work and transforming the workplace. These dramatic changes begin with culture. David Monti, Senior Manager Culture and Engagement People and Culture at Transport for NSW, will share his organisation’s success at helping change mindsets and improve culture to further engage employees. 

WATCH: Driving Culture and Engagement in Frontline and Operational Organisations

Don’t miss any of these sessions at the Employee Engagement and Experience APAC online event. It’s free to join. Those who participate live are eligible to earn SHRM credits. 

Photo by Rene Asmussen for Pexels

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