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Nostalgia for the summer reading list and HR Book Club on LinkedIn lingers. After all, fall brings with it a chill in the air, the scent of newly sharpened pencils as people return to school, and opportunities for learning and development. Books play a major role in expanding the mind. 

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In addition, HR Exchange Network is gearing up for its Corporate Learning EMEA and Corporate Learning APAC events. This focus on L&D makes books top of mind. In the spirit of the learning season, here are the 10 HR Book Club videos from the summer of 2022:

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

Find out how this classic of business books from the 1930s holds up in 2022, and why reading it is still relevant and useful. The premise is basically that people win more bees with honey. Living that philosophy allows businesspeople to persuade others to support their ideas. It also speaks to the social nature of humans.

Work Rules! Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

This book delivers on its promise transform readers. It provides firsthand examples and an insider look at how Google developed its people operations to create a positive workplace that permitted innovation and creativity. 

Talent Keepers

Employee engagement and experience remain top of mind for Human Resources professionals. In this book, they can gain insight into how to create a workplace that appeals to employees and helps them perform better in their work. 

Atomic Habits 

Learn about this book, which can help readers identify the patterns in their behavior that they can change to transform their career or maybe even their life. The author draws on personal experience and provides enduring advice for shifting one’s mindset and habits. 

Essential HR Handbook

In this HR Book Club video, discover a bible for Human Resources professionals. This guide to the basics is handy for anyone entering the profession. However, veterans can benefit from having this resource guide at their fingertips. 


Watch the video on this book to better understand how the mind works and what people can do to change their thinking and create better outcomes for themselves. This is all about the power of perception. 

Innovator’s Dilemma

In this review, find out about the favorite book of innovative leaders like Apple’s Steve Jobs. Determine if the lessons are relevant to anyone or just those few who are running the biggest organizations in the world. 

Bring Your Human to Work 

Turn on this video to find out about what this book offers those who want to promote empathy and kindness in the workplace. Discover how the book gets across the message that being a good person can translate to good business. 

Unleashing the Power of Diversity

Learn about the activities that this book shares to help diverse teams come together and gain a sense of belonging. Gain perspective on why some people are not the biggest fans of this book. 

Emotional Intelligence

Discussing this world renowned book is the top priority of this HR Book Club video. Dissect the data, understand some of the science terminology, and get some practical advice on EI. 

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