5 Lessons to Learn about Learning and Development


Learning and development is a necessary part of life, and it is required for mobility and succession planning at work. Yet, many HR departments fail to implement a complete L&D strategy or they do not even know where to begin. 

The good news is that most leaders have great intentions. Of the respondents to the 2021 State of HR survey, 35% said they wanted to improve culture by transforming training and development efforts. At the Corporate Learning EMEA online event, which is free to join, viewers can gain insight into how to develop an adaptive and skilled workforce. 

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Find out about the five lessons to learn about learning and development: 

An Honest Education

Erika Ullmann, Director, Learning & Development at Virgin Media – Ireland, recognizes the power of transparency in today’s workforce. She plans to take that message to the audience when she kicks off the Corporate Learning EMEA event in a fireside chat. Still, the highlight of the session will likely be a conversation about applying virtual reality to leadership training. 

Getting Personal

Digital Adoption Expert at Whatfix, Pretyush Shama, plans to speak about how to personalize education and measure performance, which is frankly vital to prioritizing L&D and getting leadership buy in. In this session, Shama will explain how software can help employers offer customized learning and an ability to measure the effectiveness of the training. 

Get Organized 

One of the biggest challenges facing learning and development leaders is offering a streamlined curriculum that is easy to access and features all the necessary content to catapult learners into the future. In a session with Toby Harris, Chief Marketing Officer at filtered, the audience will learn about how to assess solutions and prioritize skillsets and knowledge areas. 

Understand the Ecosystem

Discover how to build a learning ecosystem, which is essentially everything related to a company’s training and development efforts. This lesson, courtesy of Francesco Mantovani, Director, Global Learning Technologies and Innovation at Procter & Gamble, promises to share insight on the ecosystem by sharing the lessons he learned from making mistakes along the way. 

Use Data

A mistake that many HR leaders make is to plan learning and development coursework and then, perhaps, look at data. Instead, Jonathan Kettleborough, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems Strategy at Manchester Metropolitan University, plans to divulge the ways to use data to determine what employees should study and demonstrate value to leaders.

Although these leaders are based in Europe, the lessons they have to share are relevant to all HR and learning and development leaders. Their experiences can help leaders determine learning content, delivery, and culture. 

Don’t miss your chance to join us at the Corporate Learning EMEA online event. It’s free to join and those who come to the live event are eligible for SHRM credits.  

Photo by Enzo Muñoz for Pexels

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