8 HR Trends to Ponder Ahead of 2023


HR Exchange Network’s Talent Exchange Live online event, taking place Dec. 6 to 7, is a showcase of the HR trends leaders can expect to manage in 2023. This series of sessions with Human Resources professionals is an opportunity to assess the workplace transformation that began at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

How far has HR come? Will an economic downturn or recession interrupt all the changes? Will employees maintain leverage in the hiring process? And the questions go on. Ultimately, audience members will have the chance to ask HR leaders about how they are preparing for the next chapter in the workplace. These are the specific topics speakers will highlight: 

A New Approach to Life and Work

In the opening session with speaker Annie Yu, Head of Operations and Development at VOX Media, she will cover the shift to hybrid workplaces and how that has allowed for people to fit their life around their work rather than the other way around. The discussion centers on the idea that HR leaders are elevating employee needs, which is changing the shape and definition of work. 

Digital Hiring

David Battles, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition – EMEA at G-P, will cover digital hiring, a practice that was recently considered a future of work concept. However, with more people working remotely, hiring and onboarding remotely are ubiquitous. The goal now is to do it right. 

As a result, Battles will offer advice on how to streamline digital hiring and use tools to ensure a seamless process. This is a timely conversation that will provide actionable and practical advice to those hiring remote workers. 

Personalization of the Employee Experience

Personalization was a buzzword of 2022, but it remains a highlight as HR enters 2023. Employees demand more personal attention, help with career pathing, and a sense of belonging. In this session, Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse, will share insight into three research-backed methods that help employees thrive. 

Building a Better Employer Brand

Emma Washington, Human Capital Management Consultant Leader at Risk Strategies, will explore what job candidates are seeking when looking at potential new employers. She will also share what HR leaders can look for to determine a candidate is self-motivated and will therefore be more productive once hired. 

Continuing the Mission of DEIB

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) remain a top priority of many Human Resources professionals. Sue Schmidlkofer, Global Director of DEI at UPS, will talk about the business case for diversity initiatives and how to create an inclusive culture that provides a foundation for improved customer experience and innovation. 

Transforming Compensation and Rewards Packages

Customizing employee pay and bonuses is a priority as companies continue to face a labor shortage and war for talent. Jonathan Best, Enterprise Product Leader at uFlexReward, will provide insight on how to personalize the total rewards system to offer flexibility and meet the individual needs of an employee.

Creating a Culture of Belonging

With Anna Mouchref, Head of Culture and Diversity at Siemens Digital Industries, viewers will gain understanding of how an inclusive and positive work culture contributes to the employee experience. In this session, Mouchref promises to cover the needs of different generations in the workplace and ways to get the best out of employees. 

Keeping Up the Momentum

The year ahead is already raising challenges for Human Resources. In this final session of the event, panelists Jan van der Hoop, President of Fit First Technologies, and Danielle Rutigliano, Founder and CEO at Talent Unicorn, will join Georgina Wilczek, producer of Talent Exchange, and me to discuss upcoming trends and the expectations of HR in 2023. This invigorating discussion will highlight the progress HR is making as it transforms the workplace and manages dramatic change. 

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