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The past year has been a trip for HR leaders. New expectations of HR emerged in 2020, but they took hold in 2022, once the pandemic became more manageable. At HR Exchange Network, we understand that you might feel overwhelmed by the fast-pace of change and the slow-moving transformation. 

HR leaders have many tasks, some of which are probably new to most. Think mental health and wellness! They are leading the workplace transformation, which includes decisions about where, when, and how people execute their work. It has implications in personal and professional lives. The responsibility is awesome. 

In the headlines of the most popular stories on HR Exchange Network in 2022, you will notice how HR leaders are preparing themselves for this new normal: 

In 2022, more and more companies saw employees organizing to create unions. Brand names like Starbucks and Amazon confronted unionization, which sparked debate about whether this marked the rebirth of organized labor. Read this article to learn about how HR can view labor unions. 

Unfortunately, layoffs became ubiquitous on LinkedIn profiles toward the end of the year. As a result, this article, which includes tips for HR leaders conducting a reduction in force (RIF), surged in popularity again. 

As HR leaders become more cognizant of the importance of a psychologically safe workplace free of toxic managers and bullies, they are more interested in the psychological contract and what it means to workers. It’s a chance to write the unwritten expectations between employer and employee.  

Few will question the relevancy of this story at this time. After all, HR leaders are looking for a road map because no one in modern times has ever confronted a similar situation. This article lays out the challenges that HR leaders are facing. 

Of course, those who are working on transforming the workplace must educate themselves and leadership building culture and setting the right tone. This articles offers some explanation. 

With all the talk about Gen Z and Millennials, many forget all about Gen X. Yet, they make up a portion of leadership at many companies and there are other reasons, which you’ll learn by reading the article, that companies should pay attention to this group. 

Clearly, the four generations in the workforce – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z – are top of mind for HR professionals. Everyone wants insight into how these different groups think and interact with one another. Check out this article to learn more about generations working effectively together. 

This was the first in Researcher Michael Arena’s popular series of articles about creating a hybrid workplace that moves people and offers flexibility while also creating a community and a foundation for innovation. 

This story is for any HR leader trying to determine best hiring patterns in the region of their offices. It’s indicative of the global workforce. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become a major priority for most HR professionals. This article provides a summary of why and how HR can be responsible for DEI. 

At the same time that people are trying to determine if expats make an exceptional hire, they are also considering the locals. This other story provides insight into what to expect from the people who already live in the region of the organization. 

This piece desccribes some of the more pressing issues facing HR leaders, and reading it helps prepare professionals for what may come next. 

CHROs and CPOs are now taking their seat in the C-suite. Therefore, they are seeking advice on how to best align talent management with business objectives. 

As employers seek to win the talent wars, they are looking to fine tune their benefits packages. One populare benefit that many people considered in 2022 is unlimited paid time off. 

In a year that promoted empathetic leadership, this article is a fitting one. It offers a definition of social awareness and how that relates to meeting customer needs. 

At the start of the year, HREN shared some of the anticipated trends in the industry, and it remains a popular topic of discussion. 

With more labor unions forming comes the need to better negotiate with them. As a result, HR leaders are looking for help in this piece about tactics. 

What headlines do you think will grip readers in 2023? Let us know in the comments. 

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