What You Need to Know about Fair Chance Hiring

Talent Acquisition

Human Resources professionals have a problem. There is a labor shortage. This is not just because of the Great Resignation or tighter budgets that mean fewer hires. Demographics have been shifting for years. Younger generations are smaller groups than the Baby Boomers, who are retiring in droves now. As a result, there are fewer people for more jobs. 

WATCH: Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Enter fair share hiring. Also known as second-chance hiring, this process refers to recruitment of formerly incarcerated people. Persevere is an organization that helps inmates by teaching them full-stack software development and helping them find jobs when they get out.

Recently, Stephanie Morales, a Program Manager at Persevere, sat down with HR Exchange Network to provide insight, advice, and firsthand accounts of success stories with fair-chance hiring. Watch this video to learn more and determine whether this kind of hiring could work for you. 

Do you have experience with fair chance hiring or are you thinking about pursuing it? If so, let us know in the comments. Share your stories here or on LinkedIn or Facebook

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