5 Ways to Conquer Talent Acquisition Now


These are confusing times, especially when it comes to recruiting and talent acquisition, for Human Resources leaders. While many industries are facing a labor shortage as a result of shifting demographics and fears of attrition are brought on because many employees are facing burnout, the gloomy economic outlook has put hiring on hold. Some – especially in the tech industry – are even laying off talent.

WATCH: Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

HR has an opportunity to seize in these uncertain times. Anyone who wants to face the future with confidence can join HR Exchange Network at the upcoming Recruiting and Talent Acquisition event, Feb. 7 and 8. It’s free, and at these interactive, online sessions, audience members can ask questions of experts with answers about how to take advantage of this quieter time in hiring and make yourself shine as an HR leader despite the downturn.

Capitalize on the Moment

To start Ky Cunningham, Director of Talent Acquisition at Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, is going to help people position themselves for success in hiring by describing her firsthand experience. In this fireside chat, she promises to share tips for attracting talent despite the challenges of the times. The point is to help HR professionals navigate uncertainty to develop a talent strategy.

Go Global

With the rise of remote work, more employers are embarking on international hiring. Many, however, do not know how to begin that process. It can be daunting. Barry Rudden, Global 3rd Party Director at G-P, formerly Globalization Partners. He will talk about the external data sources for leveraging talent intelligence. By understanding the data available, Human Resources leaders can make informed decisions and recognize the latest industry trends in hiring.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruiting

In this session with Vikram Ahuja, Managing Director of ANSR and Co-Founder of Talent500, learn about how AI is revolutionizing talent acquisition and making the process more efficient. Of course, any conversation about AI must include how to derive data to inform decision-making. This conversation should extend beyond hiring and into AI’s capacity to help with onboarding and engagement.

Return to Basics

Kurt Webster, Director of Recruitment & Workforce Planning at MaineGeneral Health, will explain how to maximize employer brand to attract top talent. He has the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. So, Webster also will talk about how to engage employees and persuade them to return to the office. Undoubtedly, this conversation will turn to the culture shifts employers and their employees are experiencing and how it is impacting the hiring process.

Respond to the Consequences

Unfortunately, the economic downturn is already causing hiring freezes, budget cuts, and layoffs. Erica Briody, Former SVP, Global Talent Acquisition and Leadership Hiring at REEF, will talk about how to protect employer brand after layoffs. In addition, she will share information about how to boost morale of employees who stay after the layoffs. Not everyone is laying off employees. But every HR professional is looking to boost their own morale and that of the talent they hire.

Don’t miss HR Exchange Network’s Recruiting and Talent Acquisition online event. It’s free, and those who join the live event are eligible for SHRM credits.

What are you doing to ensure recruiting and employer brand shift and improve during the economic downturn? Let us know at the event and in the comments.

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