What Do HR Leaders Really Think about ChatGPT?


ChatGPT has the potential to transform how Human Resources functions. Many are wondering what kind of impact it will have on all aspects of life. Anyone who has studied it realizes that this technology has the power to make work more efficient. For HR, the number of ways to use ChatGPT could end up being limitless. 

Recently, HR Exchange Network posed a question on Terkel.io to determine what leaders are expecting from this technology. Find out what they think is happening with ChatGPT:

More Insightful Strategy

“ChatGPT can provide better insights into hiring, engagement, and retention efforts, allowing leaders to focus on other, more strategic aspects of their talent acquisition and talent management processes. 

This will undoubtedly improve efficiencies and have a positive impact on business earnings. ChatGPT can help organizations personalize their interactions with job seekers and provide natural language responses to candidate questions. This human-like experience will more likely resonate with job seekers and build stronger relationships with potential hires, leading to more efficient and successful recruiting and higher retention.

Finally, ChatGPT is making it easier for companies to manage their internal communications. Automated conversations can answer common questions and gather valuable feedback from employees. This will help employers improve culture, gain better insights into the employee experience, and better address talent management issues in a timely way.” -Jody Ordioni, Chief Brand Officer, Brandemix

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Writes Job Descriptions, Policies, and Procedures

“ChatGPT’s most basic HR application allows for the quick creation of job descriptions or the writing of business policies that are readily updated and shared in real-time as laws or regulations pertaining to those policies change. 

Talent acquisition teams will evaluate job applicants more quickly and fairly thanks to the tool’s speedy reading and evaluation of the content. This will enable them to find top prospects who human evaluators would have overlooked due to bias or other reasons. 

Since the tool can already complete these basic duties, there is already talk that HR departments may be under pressure to reduce staff as robots take over tasks that don’t require humans.” -Brian Clark, Founder, United Medical Education

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Automates Onboarding 

“ChatGPT will increase automation, which can help organizations streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of their HR operations. 

For example, ChatGPT can automate the recruitment and onboarding processes. I am preparing for this expectation by researching and learning more about ChatGPT and its associated technologies, such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Additionally, I am exploring ways to integrate ChatGPT into our existing HR systems and processes in order to maximize its potential.” -Tawanda Johnson, HR and DEI Consultant, Sporting Smiles

Makes Their Job Easier

“ChatGPT can provide automation and streamline various HR processes. It can help with the timely delivery of tasks, the storage of employee data, and the accurate tracking of employee performance. 

Additionally, ChatGPT allows HR to easily carry out predictive analytics to facilitate better decision-making when it comes to recruitment, budgeting, engagement, and performance. Furthermore, ChatGPT can help create personalized customer experiences such as onboarding, employee engagement, and training programs. 

HR can streamline existing processes by running things through ChatGPT, starting with policies and other employee guides. From this point, service and support to the organization by HR will start to be more timely and efficient, leading to better decisions and improved organizational outcomes.” -Tony Deblauwe, VP, Human Resources, Celigo

Doing the Grunt Work

“ChatGPT is going to reduce the stress of creating and updating company policies. The tool can also gain insights into what the current employee landscape is demanding and try to incorporate that into policies or human resources practices. Our company is currently getting familiar with ChatGPT and its potential outputs. So far, it’s been producing marvels.” -Jarir Mallah, HR Specialist, Ling App

Time for Other Tasks

“ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize how human resources and talent management are conducted. Using AI, ChatGPT can reduce the time spent on administrative and mundane tasks, freeing up HR professionals to focus on more important and impactful tasks. 

Furthermore, ChatGPT can source and recruit talent, as well as provide personalized training and development experiences to employees. HR professionals must be prepared to embrace this new technology by understanding how the technology works and by ensuring they are constantly up-to-date with the latest advances in AI. 

To prepare for this, HR professionals should stay informed by attending conferences and seminars, reading industry publications, and networking with other professionals in the field. I hope this helps.” -Dana Martin, Vice President for Human Resources, Quizno’s

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Structure for Talent Management

“A streamlined talent management path will be possible with ChatGPT, as it will save considerable resources because of the design support available to HR professionals. 

However, decision-making for them will become more complex, as line functionaries will have nearly equal knowledge and access to information for Talent Management initiatives. 

Using a PUSH-PULL strategy can help here. PUSHING while ensuring these leaders deliver positive experiences will automatically lead to PULLING employees. At periodic intervals, PUSH will also be necessary for upskilling them.” -Samir Parikh, Founder, NamanHR

How will ChatpGTP impact Human Resources? Let us know what you think in the comments. 


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